Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Waiting for Global Warming

As we bundle up in our warmest coats, carefully make our way through new snow, and ride/slide along icy roads;  I recall the shock many friends expressed at our decision to move farther north.  Having lived with snow almost every winter since I was born, I didn’t think it would be too much of an adjustment.  Besides, the planet is reported to be warming up… right?  Wrong… only in the North Pole. 
Five inches of snow in El Paso… a high of 7 in our cold and frozen North. Farmers Almanac even had an article last year about Global Cooling with averages of temperatures over many years.  Who really knows what is going on… certainly not me.  All I know is… I’m not as energetic about being in it as I was when I was a kid. 
I watched a few children out my living room window the other day as they dragged their sleds up steep hills, hopeful of not  crashing into rocks or bushes as they enjoyed a dash over crunchy snow. 
I remembered our small kitchen strewn with boots, socks, mittens, snow pants and coats for six children.  It seemed they could have fun together in any situation.  If stuck at home, they climbed the backyard hill or dragged out old ice skates to try a nearby frozen pond.  If unable to afford ski passes, they tromped, skis in hand, to the top of small nearby canyon hills for a few memorable trips to the bottom.  Looking at them now, I realized we raised some pretty tough kids.  They didn’t have it all.  That’s Okay!  They know how to weather storms.